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We chat with the Man between the Sticks, Stefan 'The Gladiator' Mascarenhas

Updated: May 4, 2021

The Bastion Insider :- Hi Stefan, your first season with Zoca was as an outfield player, how did it feel playing there?

Stefan Msacarenhas:- My First season with Zoca was great, i joined Zoca half way through the 2018/19 season and the experience was incredible, as i always wanted to play outfield during my Futsal career, but was always a keeper at my former club Cannons FC.

"Losing 3-1 Vs Koala and i managed to bag a hat trick, we went on to win the game 5-4, a game i will never forget"

The Bastion Insider:- Your previous club was Cannons FC, what differences do you see between them and Zoca Bastion?

Stefan Mascarenhas:- The difference between Zoca and Cannons, is that Zoca have a structure and know what type of football they want to play. Cannons were a group of friends with no real structure whatsoever, but i did enjoy my time playing with them.

The Bastion Insider:- What has been your favourite personal moment in the team?

Stefan Mascarenhas:- As a Zoca player i must say it was a match against the leaders of the league Koala FC, we were losing 3-1 and i managed to bag a hat trick and we went on to win the game 5-4, a game that ultimately helped us secure promotion to the Premier and a game i will never forget.

"Most important qualities in a keeper are to have fast reflexes and also to be able to command the team from the back at all times"

The Bastion Insider:- Who is your footballing idol?

Stefan Mascarenhas:- My idol when i was young was Ronaldo Nazario da Lima when he played for Barcelona. The way he dribbled past defenders was insane, the balance the speed and strength was something else. Every time he was on the field you knew he was going to influence the game and make something happen. My idol between the sticks though was another Barcelona great, Vitor Baia, he was a great keeper for Barca in that generation, a commanding presence who helped them to various trophies in the 90's along the likes of Luis Enrique, Stoichov and Ronaldo.

The Bastion Insider:- You have entered quite hardcore events such as the Spartan race, how did you find it and are you interested in more of these type of events such as Iron-man's?

Stefan Mascarenhas:- The difference between a Spartan race and an Iron-man is that a Spartan race is more to do with getting through obstacles such as climbing a rope, monkey bars etc, an Iron-man requires a different level of stamina and endurance which you also need in a Spartan race, however iron-man takes it to a different level mentally. It is an amazing feeling when you complete a trifecta in a Spartan race and i usually require a holiday straight after it :), once we get back to travelling i hope to achieve another in 2022.

The Bastion Insider:- What are the main qualities a keeper should have?

Stefan Mascarenhas:- The most important qualities in a keeper are fast reflexes and also to be able to command the team from the back at all times. Obviously Futsal and eleven aside are different formats of the game but both need good positioning when in goal.

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