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Record Holder Ballester chats to The Bastion

The Bastion Insider:- Hi Sean what do you feel has been your greatest moment at Zoca Bastion?

Sean Ballester:- Seeing the Zoca family grow, year after year I have seen many come and go but we have always prided ourselves with being a football family first and this unites us and makes us stronger.

The Bastion Insider:- What were your best moments as Captain?

Sean Ballester:- Being captain isn’t easy, a lot is expected of you, but being able to go out there and encourage your teammates regardless of the outcome is crucial. Being captain at the lowest moments of defeat is important, because it makes the victories all the sweeter.

"Our aim is to make it into the play-offs and we are closer than ever"

The Bastion Insider:-Who have been players you have had best connection with in and off the field?

Sean Ballester:- I have played with many over the years and I wouldn’t want to single anyone out but I will speak of a few who are no longer with us at Zoca as players. Karl Ullger (my former teacher, work colleague and ex player), Liam Payas my brother in arms and the one and only Steven Soussi who needs no introduction, are but a few friends and former players who I respect immensely. Equally we currently have a solid squad with immense talent and with a bright future ahead.

The Bastion Insider:- How does it feel being Zoca’s all time record appearance holder?

Sean Ballester:- Epic lol.

The Bastion Insider:- What do you feel this club can achieve this season?

Sean Ballester:- Our aim is to make it into the play-offs and we are closer than ever. We have a solid team and if we keep pushing hard we will make it.

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