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MVP 23/24 Gio Villa chats to us about his stellar season

The Bastion Insider:- Hi Gio, how does it feel being awarded player of the season?

Giovanni Villa:- Feels great, I really appreciate being given this award by my team mates and coaching staff and by the Ultras too.

The Bastion Insider:- How do you feel the season has gone personally and as a collective?

Giovanni Villa:- I believe the season had its ups and downs, but it's important to learn from what went wrong, take the positives and move into next year. I'm sure it'll be a much better season.

'Playing with Currer & Grech, we've built up a good understanding on the pitch'

The Bastion Insider:- What was your personal highlight of the season?

Giovanni Villa:- There were a few highlights, especially our performance against Laguna and Europa in the Rock Cup, however, I'd personally say our 3-2 win over Bavaria was a highlight. We played well as a team and Grech scored an absolute screamer.

The Bastion Insider:- Is there any one player or players you feel you work with best on the pitch?

Giovanni Villa:- I'd say I have a good understanding with Sean Grech and Jamie Currer on the pitch, we've been playing together for the last couple of seasons and we've built up a good connection. I'd also include Sean Ballester who I love having on the pitch as gives a sense of composure and experience to the team.

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