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Legends Talk

Updated: May 4, 2021

We get the lowdown on the retired legends, their highs their lows and what they think makes a captain tick.

The Bastion Insider :- Now you've retired from Zoca Bastion, what would you say has been the biggest challenge the team has faced during our 7 years spell?

Mark Valverde:- "The biggest challenge i would say our team has faced is consistency. We would play brilliant one game and then not so good the next. Eventually with players learning each others game and playing to our strengths we became a more consistent team. The managers were also on a learning curve so as they learned more about Futsal and applied it to training and games, the team gradually got more consistent".

Karl James Ullger:- "It's been amazing to see the Leo/Zoca Bastion project progress and get bigger and stronger each year but i feel saving ourselves from relegation in Division 2 in 2015/16 season was one of our biggest challenges in our 7 year history. Plus the added cherry on top that year was sending our arch rivals Boca Juniors down a division after beating them in the penultimate game 8-5".

The Bastion Insider:- What has been your greatest Individual moment in the team?

Mark Valverde:-"My greatest individual moment was a game against Scorpions who were the top team and in the dying minutes we went a goal down unfairly as everyone thought the ref had stopped play and they were awarded a free kick outside our box, which they scored with. I got really angry and used that aggression to spur the team on and we managed to score and draw the game 7-7".

Karl James Ullger:- "One that stands out was scoring a backward flick header in the game Vs Koala FC the year we got promoted and we beat them 5-4".

"Teams Best Moment? "Promotion to Premier, after so many years of hard work" Karl Ullger

The Bastion Insider:- What has been your greatest Team Moment?

Mark Valverde:- "My greatest team moment has to be the 2 games we played in the cup against College who were then in the Premier and we were in second division. We drew against them and we had to play a replay and drew again, so it went to penalties where we lost. Those 2 games are probably some of the best football we have ever played".

Karl James Ullger:- "Firstly was our promotion to Premier, after so many years of hard work. Secondly was a game Vs Gunwharf FC season 2015/16 when we beat them 7-4. That day the team was outstanding Vs Gunwharf who sat top of the league as Champions Elect. We fought hard and played some great football to come out winners and secure our safety in the league".

The Bastion Insider:- Who has been the player you have developed the best partnership with?

Mark Valverde:- "The player i developed the best partnership with is my brother Nicky Valverde. I would be playing at the back and he was up front. I used to bring the ball up from the back and play the ball to him and he would hold the ball up for my forward runs. Then he would link up well in the opponents half playing one twos and building moves off each other".

Karl James Ullger:- "Back in the day i felt Matthew Perez & myself had a good understanding on the pitch. As well as Mohamed Botawala i felt always knew where i was going to make those runs and when to make the right passes".

"The player i developed the best partnership with is my brother Nicky Valverde" Mark Valverde

The Bastion Insider:- What would you feel are the qualities of a good captain?

Mark Valverde:- "I feel that a good captain must lead by example. He must be a good trainer who attends most training sessions and works hard and gives his best and be able to motivate and inspire other players to give their best".

Karl James Ullger:- "I'm Proud to be the first ever captain at the club, i feel that the attributes that a captain should have are leadrship & mere hardwork. A captain needs to not only defend his team on and off the pitch but also lead by example. Plus a captain neds to be approachable as a form of help or advice for other players in the team".

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