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The Former Gaffers take us on their roller coaster journey at the Zoca Bastion helm.

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Manager Nicky Greig & Assistant Manager Jason victory talk rocky beginnings, learning how to adapt and finally reaching the summit of Futsal in Gibraltar.

Everyone thinks they are the manger and their opinion is the one that matters, as a manager you keep humble, keep working hard and in time the message and respect will shine through." Jason Victory

The Bastion Insider :- What were your ambitions for the club when you first started?

Nicky Greig :- My ambition is to improve players performances, game by game season by season, so they realise that they can always improve and learn from each match and training session.

Jason Victory :- My main ambition when joining the team was to help in establishing the club as a regular name within the local Futsal scene. With today's level, as professionalism takes over, it is very unlikely to dream of silverware, but nevertheless we have become a team that is difficult and awkward to come up against and who knows maybe one day............

The Bastion Insider :- What was your earliest football memory?

Nicky Greig :- Watching the Lisbon Lions Celtic FC become the first British club to win the European Cup.

Jason Victory :- My earliest memory is spending hours and hours playing footy in the patio after school probably at around 6 or 7 years old, something perhaps lost nowadays given the use of computer games. In terms of on the international level i first recall watching the 1982 world cup. in spain.

The Bastion Insider :- What's the biggest challenge in dealing with players?

Nicky Greig :- Trying to keep them in a positive mindset when they haven't been picked for the match day squad, players need to realise that every action we take can be taken negatively or positively but what we want most is that they fight to be their very best and that is all we can ask from the players.

Jason Victory :- Dealing with players egos is the biggest challenge. everyone thinks they are Messi/Ronado of the team as a manager you need to bring them down to earth. Our strengths lie in being a team and not individual players. Everyone thinks they are the manger and their opinion is the one that matters, as a manager you keep humble, keep working hard and in time the message and respect will shine through.

The Bastion Insider :- How challenging was your first season?

Nicky Greig :- Incredibly challenging and an absolute nightmare scenario which kept getting worse. It was the players enthusiasm and determination to improve on their performances that kept me going and instilled in me a determination not to take the easy option and walk but keep going until we achieved a modicum of success.

Jason Victory :- My first season was an eye opener. i returned to Futsal management after 20 years away when with 'Masons Arms FC' who finished runners up in the then Futsal 4th Division. It was certainly a shock to the system, the game had changed, more professional, technical and all round tougher. We suffered many injuries making it all the more harder, certainly a season to forget. However we stuck together through thick and thin and the team has developed and improved tremendously in the seasons after.

The Bastion Insider :- What was the highlight amidst the season of turmoil?

Nicky Greig :- Our last game of the season and our first win V Cannons FC. Never seen such a happy group of players at the end of a game!!!!

Jason Victory :- The highlight for that season and all of them to be honest, has been the camaraderie that we have, we may argue but at the end we stick together and battle on-wards as a unit, hence we still attract quality players who could play in bigger teams but choose to come here because of our unique atmosphere and club spirit.

The Bastion Insider :- Who are your footballing Inspirations?

Nicky Greig :- As a player Cruyff was a wonderfully skilful stylish,innovative and creative goal maker and goal scorer. No shrinking violet, could take it and dish it out in equal measure. A leader of men by example and ambition. A seasoned winner in a fantastic Ajax and Dutch national team. Also one of the main architects behind the Dutch total football revolution which he introduced as a philosophy to the football academy's at both Ajax and Barcelona whilst under his management. Absolutely brilliant.

Charlie Head my manager at Lincoln was a intelligent, confident and ambitious who was a great at instilling a personal belief and confidence in a player to extract your best for the benefit of the team and the team. Could be very strict when necessary but always tinged with a sense of humour. All round great guy and sadly missed.

Jason Victory :- Too many Liverpool FC Mangers to choose from, the likes of Paisley, Shankly, Houllier, Benitez and now Klopp to players like Rush, Dalglish, Barnes & Gerrard, in short YNWA.

The Bastion Insider :-

Nicky Greig :- Quite easy, I'd choose Roy Chipolina he has the skill, class and leadership to motivate each individual player and the team. Leads by example, calm and reassuringly spreading confidence to team mates in a positive manner. Always helping and always wants to win!!

Jason Victory :- I wouldn't have a dream player to sign, my main worry (club council can atest to this) is that players we sign are to a good level, but skill on the pitch must be matched with attitude and demeanour off it, which blends well with the team spirit and atmosphere off it.

The Gaffers First Ever Match Vs ST Josephs FC 2/10/2016

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