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Capi Sean 'Machine Gun' Ballester Speaks his Mind

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

The Bastion Insider :- How has pre season been going on a personal and team level?

Sean Ballester :- "We’ve had a fantastic pre season and made huge improvements in a short space of time. Our new manager has injected new blood into the team and the bond between players is stronger than ever".

The Bastion Insider:- You have been made club captain how does it feel to get this honour and how do you think a captain should lead his team?

Sean Ballester :- "For me Zoca is much more than a team of futsal players. We have created a football family and I am honoured to be captain. As captain it is my aim to listen to each player and try and bring the best out of each one for the good of the entire team. It’s about learning to play as a unit and helping each other get up when we fall".

"Ballester Strike Vs Inter Principia Season 2019/20"

The Bastion Insider:- You are all time top scorer and 4th in assists, what are your expectations on a personal level for this season?

Sean Ballester :- "This year I want us to be a team who will seriously compete in first division against all teams, giving it our all on and off the pitch as we have been doing in preseason. A win is much more valuable than personal achievements and I am delighted to see new players step up to that challenge 💪🏻 we have made some great signings and I can’t wait to see them on the pitch".

The Bastion Insider :- What has been your fave goal?

Sean Ballester :- "I think Felice risking it all with a minute left to equalise in the second division is an eternal classic and homage to a man who never gives up and gives it his all" 💪🏻

The Bastion Insider :- Any Message for the fans for the season ahead?

Sean Ballester :- "A massive thank you for your support, it means a lot to see you at our games. Watch this space, you are in for one hell of a ride this seasons...don’t forget to bring that drum along!"

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