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Abdel Rahmouni reminisces about his time with Leo/Zoca Bastion

The Bastion Insider :- Hi Abdel, you signed for Leo Bastion in season 2014/15 and were prolific with 34 goals and were named player of the season, what was your highlight that season?

Abdel Rahmouni :- It was my first time playing with most of the lads, we had our ups and downs in the league but we were always united and had great team spirit. I was in great form that season and happy i could assist the team with my goals.

The Bastion Insider :- What would you say is your best quality as a Futsal player?

Abdel Rahmouni :- My best quality i believe as a futsal player is my ability to beat a man with my dribbling skills.

The Bastion Insider :- Who was the player in Leo/Zoca Bastion you most felt in sync with?

Abdel Rahmouni :- I'd say i had a good connection with a lot of players such as Prova, Herman, Julian Valverde, Ballester but probably i had the best partnership with Yassir Khazaali as he would always find space for me to work with and we had a great understanding.

The Bastion Insider :- What were the biggest challenges you saw when Zoca Bastion were promoted to the Premier?

Abdel Rahmouni :- I had played in Premier before with my previous club Atlas Lions. But this time around i feel my fitness levels were not up to scratch, i found it hard to maintain my fitness and in Premier you are competing against very fit and technical players.

The Bastion Insider :- You are at a new club now, how have you settled in?

Abdel Rahmouni :- Yes i am currently playing with a new team Equipe FC in the second division, Most of the players are young and fit who also play eleven aside and i am enjoying it, doing what i do best assisting my team mates to score goals.

The Bastion Insider :- What was your favourite moment in Leo / Zoca Bastion?

Abdel Rahmouni :- My favourite moment was my last minute goal Vs Maccabi Alif who were a young skillful team in my first season. Our matches Vs Boca in my last season which helped us gain promotion was also a great moment.

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