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Zoca MVP & Ultras MVP reflect on their debut seasons

The Bastion Insider:- How have you felt your first season has gone?

Paul Podesta:- I think my first season has gone as expected for both myself and the tech team. They set a target for me in goals and style of play and I believe I managed that and more. As always there’s room for improvement and the work will not stop!

Aidan Serra:- On a personal level, I have found myself thriving in a new position; I enjoy playing at the back and instigating attacks. I think my expectations, as well as the teams expectations have changed as the season has progressed. Over the course of the season we have slowly come to realize that we are unified, hard working team full of quality who can compete. Initially, we may have been content with finishing where we did in the league table but in hindsight I believe we are capable of more and that shows how far we have come. I am excited for the new season and hopefully push for a position that better reflects Zoca as a team.

The Bastion Insider:- How do you feel you have integrated into the team?

Paul Podesta:- The team is made up of some great lads with awesome banter and an even better work ethic - just my cup of tea! So it was always going to be an easy blend for me.

Aidan Serra:- Every single player and staff member have welcomed me into the team from the start. We are friends on and off the pitch and we are all focused on the same objective, which is to improve, compete and help each other. We took some time to gel on the pitch, and reflecting on the first games compared to how we played during the second half of the season, you can clearly see how much we have improved. I now feel at home and I am looking forward to hitting the ground running from the start of next season.

"As for ability we can definitely compete for 4th" Paul Podesta

The Bastion Insider:- What do you feel this team can achieve and what are your personal goals?

Paul Podesta:- After playing a full season with Zoca, seeing what we have, seeing what others have and how we lost certain matches last season, 4th place isn’t too far of a reach! In order to do this though, we must keep our discipline and work rate at the highest level throughout the entire season and not drop our heads for a single second - a tough ask, but as for ability we can definitely compete for 4th! On a personal note, avoid yellow/red cards and covid at all costs! I can’t stand missing one game, let alone six! 15 goals needs to turn into at least 20!

Aidan Serra:- I believe we have a team capable of competing against any team in the league but it is up to us to show up, remain focused and show a deep desire to win and fight. We have a few new players again this season and we are working on improving the team tactically so there may be a transitional period but it is all an investment for the future. I would like to finish within the top six and add some more goals and assists to my game along the way.

The Bastion Insider:- What was your highlight of last Season?

Paul Podesta:- I can’t really pin point it, I’d just say my highlight was the general feeling of the team wanting more, expecting more from themselves and not giving up after a tough loss for example. I admire that and it’s what is keeping me in this squad and more motivated than ever!

Aidan Serra:- The first Bavaria game is a standout moment, however they got the better of us in the second round. I wouldn’t say I have a singular moment that stands out but rather the clear and evident progress we have made is what is really encouraging to see. I am excited to see where Zoca can build up to.

"Over the course of the season we have slowly come to realize that we are unified, hard working team full of quality who can compete" Aidan Serra

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