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Stuart Felice on what it takes to be between the sticks

The Bastion Insider :- What is your favourite memory as a Zoca player?

Stuart Felice :- There have been a few fond memories as a Zoca Player one of them is definitely question 2 which will elaborate later. I remember my first session at Europa Point for pre season after conversations with Matthew Pérez and that first session I managed to have a great session saving many shots which definitely impressed the managers. Another favourite moment was saving 2 penalties in the pre season tournament after the whole team ate massive burgers literally 1 hour before the quarter finals. But my most proudest memory is having been selected as captain of the team.

The Bastion Insider :- How did it feel getting that equaliser Vs Hound Dogs so late in the game?

Stuart Felice :- It was a very cagey game in which both teams defended very well and both GK played really well. We conceded a goal with literally 1 min 37 left on the clock and we needed a reaction. I remember pushing the players up and with literally 6 seconds left Karl Santos from the corner of his eye managed to see me run forwards played a great pass and i managed to shoot and the ball went in. My feeling was of jubilation looking back and seeing the whole bench jumping on me. The memory of Matthew Pérez hand on head in disbelief was a moment we comment on many occasions. It was also a funny moment as our previous game had been void. I was the official top and only scorer of the team.

"Matthew Perez was a key person for me playing for the club he got me involved with the team and was great to play in the team with Matthew"

The Bastion Insider :- What are your best qualities as a keeper?

Stuart Felice :- I reckon my best attributes as a GK are my reaction time due to my basketball background and my ability to control and be vocal from the goal. Another of my best qualities is my passing and ball distribution with my hands.

The Bastion Insider :- You have always been involved in basket ball ⛹, how do you think this has helped you as a keeper?

Stuart Felice :- Playing basketball has helped me loads in Futsal. Firstly by reading the game better and been able to identify peoples movements and cuts. The distribution and passes have also helped me as I have been able to place passes exactly where the player has wanted the ball especially long throws which have caused other GK trouble.

The Bastion Insider :- Which team mates at Zoca past or present have you got along with the most?

Stuart Felice :- I have really enjoyed playing for the club and have had great friends and made new ones. I know Karl & Moe from school and previous time in Leo Bastion. Matthew Perez was a key person for me playing for the club he got me involved with the team and was great to play in the team with Matthew. Even tho it was short lived but for me it was also great to train and play some matches with Sean Guerrero as a very good friend of mine.

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